Handmade Fresh Mochi

Mochi (Japanese: 餠, もち) is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes other ingredients like water, sugar, and cornstarch. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki. While also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time.

Fresh Mochi

Discover over 50 varieties of handmade fresh mochi, including cookies n' cream, milk tea and more

Ice Cream Mochi

Discover over 50 varieties of handmade ice cream mochi, including taro, matcha and more

Picture of Neil Moeis
Neil Moeis on Zomato
Picture of Jane Choi
Jane Choi on Zomato
Picture of Jesspham
Jesspham on Zomato
the mochi here is so yummy!! made in front of you if it’s an ice cream one and tastes sooo good!
Picture of A
A on Zomato
Fresh amazing Mochi.
Picture of John Chin
John Chin on Zomato
I had the durian Mochi. The inside of the Mochi reminds me of the “durian cream” in a durian puff with bits of durian pieces. The Mochi texture is really soft. 👍
Picture of Rachel Hbc
Rachel Hbc on Zomato
Ordered the durian, fresh strawberry and matcha ice cream! Very soft and delicate mochi skin with generous filling. My favourite strawberry and the durian! Keen to try the mango and kiwi next
Picture of Hayley Ng
Hayley Ng on Zomato
Really yummy, highly recommend👏👏👏 Very impressed on my first visit to "The Little Dessert Shop" and will be returning to sample more of the delicious desserts.
Picture of Eric Lin
Eric Lin on Zomato
Favourite Mochi in Melbourne! Hands down couldn't be any better. I've tried several different flavours as I can't help but stop by almost everytime I go to Emporium. My favourites are the Taro Icecream, Cookies and Cream and the Peach mochi.  The fruit inside the mochi's are fresh and juicy. The texture of it is so soft and they handmake it in front of you once you've ordered. They package them up nicely as well, so it would be a cute gift!
Picture of Ashleigh Michelle
Ashleigh Michelle on Zomato
My favorite is watermelon Mochi!!! So delicious!!! All the fruit is really fresh !!! The skin is quite chewy and the paste is creamy, really recommended! Must have a try!
Picture of Fiona Liu
Fiona Liu on Zomato
Picture of Sam Ta
Sam Ta on Zomato
Very delicious Mochi with a huge range!! The Mochi is totally worth every bite and carbs!! Highly recommended to everyone who loves Mochi!! 👍👍
Picture of Yoongyitakeena
Yoongyitakeena on Zomato
Picture of Amy Khuu
Amy Khuu on Zomato
my friend and I try several fresh fruit Mochi. All of those are delicious. We came back for several times and totally love it. Stuff are friendly as well. Definitely recommend. Love strawberry and taro best.
Picture of Kate C
Kate C on Zomato
The mochi was great and everything was good and the service was good as well they instructed me on how to order and everything was made fresh
Picture of Triplesundae123
Triplesundae123 on Zomato
Best Mochi I’ve ever had in Australia. I watched them hand make my mochi in front of me and was so impressed. My two favourite flavours are strawberry and milk tea.
Picture of Jade Liston
Jade Liston on Zomato
It’s really hard to find Mochi in Melbourne CBD so I’m glad I’ve found Mochi Moments! They have many Mochi flavours to choose from and my favourite flavour durian 🙂 the staff are friendly to help you decide on which flavours to choose! Highly recommend this Mochi shop to Mochiholics! 🙂
Picture of Yoongyitakeena
Yoongyitakeena on Zomato
The Mochi is super yummy and fluffy. Highly recommend !
Picture of Lily Nguyen
Lily Nguyen on Zomato
The only place to get your fresh mochi! They freshly make their mochi with uniquely yummy dough and filling. Love the taste and how affordable it is xD
Picture of Julie Pham
Julie Pham on Zomato
The ice cream mochi’s are really really good! I definitely recommend getting the matcha ice cream one. I also tried the milk tea mochi and it wasn’t as nice tbh. But I rate the ice cream mochi’s. I wanted another one after finishing it!
Picture of Alexa Jane Lunario
Alexa Jane Lunario on Zomato