Handmade Fresh Mochi

Mochi (Japanese: 餠, もち) is Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice, and sometimes other ingredients like water, sugar, and cornstarch. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape. In Japan it is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki. While also eaten year-round, mochi is a traditional food for the Japanese New Year and is commonly sold and eaten during that time.

Fresh Mochi

Discover over 50 varieties of handmade fresh mochi, including cookies n' cream, milk tea and more

Ice Cream Mochi

Discover over 50 varieties of handmade ice cream mochi, including taro, matcha and more

Best Mochi I’ve ever had in Australia. I watched them hand make my mochi in front of me and was so impressed. My two favourite flavours are strawberry and milk tea.
Picture of Jade Liston
Jade Liston on Zomato
It’s really hard to find Mochi in Melbourne CBD so I’m glad I’ve found Mochi Moments! They have many Mochi flavours to choose from and my favourite flavour durian 🙂 the staff are friendly to help you decide on which flavours to choose! Highly recommend this Mochi shop to Mochiholics! 🙂
Picture of Yoongyitakeena
Yoongyitakeena on Zomato
The Mochi is super yummy and fluffy. Highly recommend !
Picture of Lily Nguyen
Lily Nguyen on Zomato
The only place to get your fresh mochi! They freshly make their mochi with uniquely yummy dough and filling. Love the taste and how affordable it is xD
Picture of Julie Pham
Julie Pham on Zomato
The ice cream mochi’s are really really good! I definitely recommend getting the matcha ice cream one. I also tried the milk tea mochi and it wasn’t as nice tbh. But I rate the ice cream mochi’s. I wanted another one after finishing it!
Picture of Alexa Jane Lunario
Alexa Jane Lunario on Zomato
These are my favourite. I haven’t found any that are as good as these in the Melbourne area, let alone Australia. I highly recommend. I came here with a few friends of mine and they keep telling me they’ve visited many more times
Picture of Brad Butler
Brad Butler on Zomato
Very good! Very delicious! Highly recommend, easy to be found! Friendly staffs. We love it, we will come next time for sure. 100% recommendations.
Picture of Tianluna5
Tianluna5 on Zomato
Mochi Moments is located next to dumplings plus and right where tutti frutti is on the lower level. We’ve been here twice within the week because we’re obsessed with the strawberry fruit and taro ice cream. Literally not kidding about our obsession (see photo). Highly recommend Mochi Moments 🤤
Picture of WTR
WTR on Zomato
A diverse range of mochi fillings with the classic strawberry, different flavours of ice cream and even durian and milktea! Would recommend mochi moments 😊
Picture of Sslee.6a
Sslee.6a on Zomato
really great I like everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture of Blake Wang
Blake Wang on Zomato
Awesome customer service! Tasty Mochi Awesome customer service! Tasty Mochi Awesome customer service! Tasty Mochi Awesome customer service! Tasty Mochi Awesome customer service! Tasty Mochi
Picture of Bella Xiang
Bella Xiang on Zomato
Highly commend the taro and strawberry ice cream mochi! Both very delicious, and full of flavour. I’d also tried the fresh strawberry and melon mochi, which were pretty decent. Coming back is a must for me.
Picture of Gina Tran
Gina Tran on Zomato
Love this place. Mochi is soft and comes in many delicious Flavours 🙂 Jess who works along with her co workers, very friendly and great service.
Picture of Judy Vo
Judy Vo on Zomato
Great service, discounts, located in emporium Melbourne, offers a wide variety of flavours, nice packaging and tastes great, comes with a lovely box
Picture of Mun Yee
Mun Yee on Zomato
Mochi is a famous Japanese sweet snack/dessert which you can find everywhere in Japan.  The traditional type mochi would have red bean paste. 🔆LOCATION🔆 Mochi Moments is in same store as Tutti Fruitt Frozen Yoghurt which is located in Lower Ground food court area of Emporium behind the escalators. 🔆SERVICE🔆 The sweet girl behind the counter was very friendly and patient while customers decide on what they want to order.  She was very careful and made each mochi well and wrapped in cute wrapping. 🔆MENU/PRICE🔆 Their most popular Fresh Mochi is the Strawberry Mochi. All fresh mochi is made fresh on the day and almost all the time made to order. Fresh Strawberry Mochi, $3.50 🔆VERDICT🔆 I love the taste of fresh mochi. The glutinous rice cake is rolled out to a nicely and you can tell its fresh because the texture is very soft, chewy and sticky. Fresh cream…
Picture of Ange-LuvFood8
Ange-LuvFood8 on Zomato
My favorite flavor is durian. Love it. Very chewable. Love the location, quite convenient and easy to find after shopping. Hope they could have more flavor. 😊
Picture of Kathy Jiang
Kathy Jiang on Zomato
Freshly made mochi and in Melbourne! Delicious, soft and fluffy, fresh cream and made to order. Durian flavour is my go-to. Reasonably priced and love it!
Picture of JHN3
JHN3 on Zomato
best mochi in Melbourne!! will keep coming back. so fresh and so yummy, highly recommended! so many different flavours to choose from, love it
Picture of Sylvia Tran
Sylvia Tran on Zomato
Yummy Mochi fresh and lots of different flavours. It’s got plenty of flavours to choose from and even ice cream ones! Love the new fruit flavours too
Picture of Keko
Keko on Zomato
Loved everything I tried and going back for sure! There are so many options to go for and so many things to try. Can never get enough of this place!
Picture of Rasha Kardo
Rasha Kardo on Zomato